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Delivering Solutions. Delivering Confidence.

Today, CAPS® has America’s largest network of 503A pharmacies. We have three state-of-the-art 503B outsourcing facilities.   We offer same-day service and delivery. We have 14 different product lines. We continue to find innovative new ways to deliver solutions and deliver confidence.

503B is Launched

Anticipating the 503B Model, and focused on safety and quality, CAPS® launches one of the first successful FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facilities.   In an effort to provide predictability and transparency in the process of sterile compounding, Congress enacts the Drug Quality and Security Act, dividing compounding into 503A (patient-specific) and…

Quality of the Highest Standard

USP publishes <797>, the first USP chapter to contain enforceable sterile compounding requirements.   By 2004, many CAPS® quality standards had already surpassed USP <797>.

Protecting Against the Risk of Error

CAPS® develops solutions to protect patients from order transcription errors as most of the world is consumed with the Y2K scare.   Our current web-based ordering platform, and our electronic hospital interfaces, originated from our first “modem and DOS” program that was designed to avoid the risks of faxed orders.

CAPS Becomes Part of B. Braun Medical

By 1997, CAPS® has voluntarily registered its 11 pharmacy locations with the FDA.   This same year, CAPS is acquired by B. Braun Medical.   To provide the FDA with more oversight over large-scale pharmacy compounding, Congress passes FDAMA. In later years, FDAMA is struck down by the U.S. Supreme…

Collaborative Pharmacy Services

CAPS® continues to perfect the practice of sterile compounding through state-of-the-art cleanrooms and a patented computer order-entry system.   By this time, CAPS has 8 regional pharmacies conducting nationwide “collaborative pharmacy services” with hundreds of hospitals.   This same year, USP publishes chapter <1206>, an informational chapter on sterile compounding.

Our First Cleanroom

CAPS® begins our mission to innovate safe sterile compounding practices by opening our first CAPS cleanroom.   In 1991, many hospital pharmacies had no cleanrooms.